Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 8  No. 40  -  Saint Germain  -  October 3, 1965


Avert Disaster, Cataclysm, and Prediction by Right Action,
Dynamic Decrees, and Change in Thinking


Blessed Souls Who Respond to the Truth of My Message:

The nature of divine love is such as to ever make provision for the fulfillment of God’s precepts and plans.  If it is the way of the infinite ocean to sweep through a finite causeway in order to recall a large stone from the shore back into the sea, it may be that the force of the water required to move the stone will cause the tiny rocks and splinters to be scattered hither and thither.  The smaller crystals are more easily dislodged and tossed about by the cosmic tides.

Human speculation about God has evolved its own theology.  The future of the planet has been the object of much speculation, and the possibility of its destruction by either water or fire has become a part of man’s theology. <1>Thus the threat of total or partial world cataclysm is not unfamiliar to the consciousness of many.  Gazing upon the evil conditions in society, men will often admit that if they were to be given their just reward, they would deserve to be destroyed; for they know that their deeds are evil. <2>Yet it has been well pointed out that scattered among the evil ones are any number of blessed souls together with the so-called wholly innocent.  However, past history has not proven that the earthshaking powers of nature have necessarily saved the innocent while destroying the guilty.

The former statements which I have made are not so much statements of ascended master law as they are commentary on that which has manifested.  Putting the pieces together, blessed ones, I would like to make both further commentary and prognostication of possibility.  Life has provided the means to change and to avert disaster; and therefore, predictions can fail or be altered.  The only predictions that cannot fail are the cosmic ones which foretell the ultimate end of a civilization through its elevation into the divine plan.  This is the ultima Thule of civilization.

Many vain individuals have desired to profit by dire predictions and to be thought wise by lesser men or to cast themselves in the role of a seer.  Still others who have prophesied destruction have been tools of the sinister force which desires to raise the level of fear upon the planet in order that an increase of evil action may ride upon the wave of mankind’s dire forebodings.  As was declared of old, “The thing which I greatly feared is come upon me!” <3>

Now that you may have a better understanding of the problems of prophecy, I wish to admit that at this specific time in the history of man (1965-66 forward) cataclysmic action upon earth is a strong possibility, particularly for some parts of the seacoast areas of America.  I wish also to declare that these conditions can be averted (1) by right action, (2) by decrees, and (3) by changes in the thinking of selfish individuals so that they might move with the cosmic tides rather than against them.  The elementals are no longer willing to be the instruments of mankind’s discord.  Too long have they been subject to the depredations of mortals; thus those who continue to do evil and to ignore their responsibility to the great law will, under the proper exposure and circumstance, find themselves literally swept away by a whirlwind of natural force.

Freedom is on the move; and those who will not move with its tide will be left behind, high and dry upon the shoals of human consciousness, apart from the great ocean of infinite love and light for which they shall one day certainly thirst.  Separation from God is the original sin, and it is the sin against the Holy Ghost for which there is no forgiveness; <4>for so long as the separation remains, there cannot be forgiveness.  Only when the separation is ended by man’s self-determined reunion with God can the great givingness of God once again bestow upon man his own rightfully earned and divinely decreed just portion.

I have no intention of creating an atmosphere of fear or torment for any, but I wish to amplify the need for extending the power of freedom over the earth.  Surely if you open your eyes you can see that all of human cleverness is now arrayed in a determined and concentrated effort to battle for the minds of men.  World chaos is amplified in every greed-motivated deed perpetrated by those who would unabashedly rob mankind of their birthright.

The Great Divine Director’s wisdom in releasing “The Mechanization Concept” is now seen in even clearer perspective as men take note of human aspirations in the current series on the “Control of Life” in Life magazine. <5>Now, some men seek to explain the origins of life as an accident of the physical sciences, and in the current Life series there is portrayed to the eyes of the youth and the people of the world those ideas that science would have them hold about the transient destiny of human life.

Under such an acceptable concept of material evolution, men are made to feel that their uncertain and short life-span is in no way controlled by a moral code or impulse to decency other than humanism or state-oriented social codes.  Robbed of any hope in genuine immortality, men are made to feel that only in striving for perfection through the evolutionary process in man and the social order can they find “reality.”  The social gospel has been made to replace the gospel of Jesus the Christ, and true faith is on the wane.  Such chaos in reason, denying the Great Source Origin of Life, is a part of the diabolical plan conceived by the sinister force and the emissaries of darkness.  It is the veritable enemy of freedom.

The fall of Babylon depicted in the Book of Revelation <6>signifies the ultimate destruction of the material concept and the victory of Spirit over flesh.  For has not the flesh of man been declared to be as the grass of the field? <7>

Now, American and English jurisprudence and the common law of the world is much concerned, both on land and in maritime law, with the rights of man to possess; and ownership of property and the transfer thereof is a weighty matter in law.  We do not deny the right of man to possess under the bonds of freedom, but we know that the flame of Life, which is God—which flashes forth in the heart of every true son—would bestow upon man the immortal freedom to pursue happiness and the universal wisdom to possess God alone, who is everything even as he is everywhere.

We do not intend to abrogate property rights but to point out that these are transitory.  Eternal possession must be earned, and those who would pioneer in the clearing of a divine claim must not only stake their claim but also follow the precepts of the divine homestead laws which require them to live in a consecrated manner, carrying out that particular facet of service to life which they have elected to exemplify and do.  This brings forth in man the genius of perfection and victory and makes for a manifestation par excellence rather than a service that is but mediocre.

After all, blessed ones, the earth and all that it is today is not possessed by man but rather does it possess him; nevertheless, many will sell their personal pound of flesh for a handful of clay.  The shallowness of human thought and reason is nowhere more obvious than in the manner in which men pursue the kingdom of God.  Looking to find someone else who will vicariously stretch his limbs upon the cross between God and man and make sacrifice for them, they remain “free” to do as they will.  This so-called freedom is merely a postponement of the day of reckoning when all things are brought to account according to the cosmic record.

No theology nor social doctrine can alter the balance of the true scales of divine justice; and every man shall indeed receive the reward for that which he shall do, whether it be good or evil. <8>This is cosmic law, and I tell you, no one can ever alter it.  If there is ever any escape from it, it lies in casting oneself wholly into the heart of the Divine Being and from that position in God, through consecration, acting in their own behalf and on behalf of mankind as a “friend at court,” an advocate to plead the cause of righteousness.

Then, as was said of Abraham, the Friend of God, <9>“God did not impute unrighteousness unto him.”  God does not impute unrighteousness unto himself; and therefore, the rock of the Christ, the beloved Son of God, is indeed the Saviour of the World.  It is up to each individual to cast himself upon this Rock and be broken (to break the back and yoke of his own human ego), not to wait for the rock (of karma) to fall upon him to grind him to powder. <10>

The time of the fall of Babylon is very near at hand, and the cycle is nigh completion:  “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name?  and in thy name have cast out devils?  and in thy name done many wonderful works?  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you:  depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” <11>

If this civilization continues on its present course, it shall literally tear itself apart and nature shall prepare for a new cycle to begin.  This will be a quaking to those who witness its occurrence, and their hearts will indeed fail them for fear. <12> Yet I tell you clearly:  This need not be! If men and women of vision will accept the victory and will but give equal portion to the power of light that they have bestowed upon the shadows of mortality, they will provide a way of escape.

You see, precious ones, the voice of God speaks in the dimness of mortal consciousness.  Because men’s senses are dull, God’s voice does not compete with the glamour or raucous voices of the world.  This is why an outer voice is needed to dissuade man from his present madness until such time as the way can be made plain through spiritual culture and spiritual education; then the divine theology, which stands behind every religion in some shining luster, can be made clearer still so that the universal thread from which is spun the garment of the Lord may be wholly revealed.

I hope I have bestowed a measure of clarity upon the whole in my somewhat rambling discourse.  Let it be clear that I have intended to ramble; for as I touch point after point with light, the respondent chords in yourself, if they exist in the domain of your world, will orchestrate the sound of the trumpet and the mighty call to attention.  If the response is not there and you do not now hear the truth of my message, I hope that you will call for its revelation within you.  For God is the Great Giver of every good and perfect gift, <13> even unto the end of the age.

Lovingly, I AM

Saint Germain


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