Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 4  No. 50  -  Kuthumi & Jesus Christ  -  December 15, 1961


Corona Class Lesson 23

“Go and Sin No More!”


To Believers in the Memory of God Who Would Quaff the Royal Liquid—

All the love of God would have long ago abolished the mists which have clouded the human consciousness had man not abused his free will and persisted in basing his salvation on erroneous interpretations of the scriptures, codified by the blind leaders of the blind. <1> The introduction of error has made doctrinal accuracy difficult, and confusion has concealed God’s plan for his creation.

Neither beliefs nor belief systems can lend eternal verity to wrong concepts.  The power of God unto every man’s salvation lies in the Sun of God <2>—illumined Truth which alone can make man free.

Because sin can have no real existence in the consciousness of God or, for that matter, within the divine nature of his offspring, it retains its quasi reality only in the memory process.  In the human sense, the record of sin which is semipermanent is merely a chronology of the negative, or anti-Christ, acts of each lifestream.

Anti-Christ here signifies that which is “against the Light” or impairs the full radiance of Light by densified shadow.  This shadow is created solely by lowering the vibratory rate of thought or feeling to a point where it becomes gross, or dense, in nature.

When energy is negatively qualified, the natural law determines that it should be returned to the Great Central Sun for repolarization; however, in magnetizing human qualities and sustaining them through habit, desire, restlessness, vanity, fear, doubt, et cetera, mankind continues to misqualify the newly ‘reclaimed’ energies of the Sun according to the old patterns of negativity.  This repetitive process explains how sin (although confessed) is re-created over and over again.

Therefore, it must be pointed out that the memory of man is at present not the memory of God, for the old patterns and records of sin occupy its compartments.  It must likewise be recognized that the memory of man can become the complete memory of God, the repository of the original soul blueprint; and in this possibility is the hope of salvation in the Light, the Christ who lighteth (illumines by his Mind) every man who comes into the world.  Those who willingly open the door to this Mind/memory bank, containing the original patterns of things perfect in the heavens of one’s Higher Consciousness, <3> admit the inflow of every good and perfect influence of the Holy Spirit.

The soul (sole) requirement of every hour is complete release from the sin of harmful manifestations and the acceptance by each lifestream of the directing Christ-intelligence of his own Mighty I AM Presence.  The merciful violet fire of freedom’s love is the means whereby this may be accomplished permanently—unless the individual chooses by his own free will to re-create those very conditions which he has already eliminated.

Beloved Jesus warned of this probability when he said, “Go and sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.” <4> Thus, “Stop sinning!” is the surest command of the Christ Self for the breaking of the self-perpetuating formulas of thy sinfulness.

Our students who are so accustomed to the ready unguent of the violet fire to soothe life’s hurts ought to remember that the majority of mankind have never even heard of the violet fire.  Although the knowledge of the violet fire and its application are presently limited to the few, its service on behalf of earth’s evolutions remains the active principle of the mercy of God.  However, the uses of the violet fire are not entirely understood by many who do use it.

Of note to all users and potential users is the statement made a number of years ago by the beloved Elohim Arcturus, who declared the violet fire to be the divine memory of God:

Let me tell you that one of the greatest services of the violet transmuting flame lies in the truth that the sacred memory of God’s perfection is held within this violet fire!  When permitted so to do, this violet flame simply raises the vibrations of all it contacts until divine order is brought into manifestation through its merciful, forgiving and transmuting power of Divine Love.

This violet fire is itself the memory of the perfection of what should be—in everyone, everything, every place and in every instance.  Wherever and whenever this violet fire is called forth, it always leaves a residue of its substance, nature and feeling in every person, place, condition or thing it purifies. <5>

Thus, you can begin to understand that by its inherent quality of divine mercy, the violet fire automatically transmutes, or changes, all else into the harmony of the Mind and Will of God.

Theologically speaking, the sacrificial aspects of Christian propitiation have strengthened both sin and schism, creating confusion in man’s understanding of God, his will, and the plan of Life.  We would wipe away all that by teaching you that the use of the violet fire, when combined with the ritual of the sacred labor in daily service to Life, is the sole atonement Life requires.

For those engaged in the ongoing service to Life, community, and family—who also love and forgive—the violet fire completely frees from sin:  cause, effect, record, and memory.  The cup which every son must drink is communion with the Godhead through the science of words and works in affirmation of his Presence—and the elimination thereby of all imperfection.

Preceding the symbolic and actual Last Supper, beloved Jesus admonished the apostles, saying, “Ye shall drink of it.” <6> I am declaring to all that to the present day this cup shall not pass from you <7> until you have been a partaker of its purification.

This royal liquid violet fire, symbolized in the purple nectar of the grape, recalls the ever-newness of the eternal kingdom and the wonders of divine grace which wipe away all human sorrow, mistaken ideas, and confusion, replacing them with the glorious likeness of the Father’s own image.  Thus, the divine memory retains the pure perfection of the soul when the soul’s image is stripped by the violet flame of all overlays of the human consciousness.

You see, not only does the violet fire ‘destroy’ what is unreal, but it perfectly preserves what is real—even as it re-creates the whole man.  Truly, the violet fire is the Trinity of God in action as the eternal Creator, Preserver, and ‘Destroyer.’ <8>

Beloved ones, we have reached the apex of our current transmission concerning sin.  We declare to you that by transmutation—by the love of the sacred fire which is God and by that obedience which is greater than sacrifice <9>—all shall come to the place in life where, in joyously freeing all others from the stigma and the sting of condemnation, they shall accept the mercy of God and draw forth enough violet fire to achieve complete victory and the fullness of Christ-accomplishment in their lives.

In this manner, the Father’s will, confirmed by the Son, shall overcome by the sacred fires of the Holy Ghost all so-called venial and mortal sins, increasing each one’s sense of identification with the memory of God.  This unity with the universal Mind is a pearl of great purity and great price, affording solace, harmony, and restoration to the soul.  In this lovely consciousness every child of God shall find his heaven, his peace, his victory.  Christ-absolution and every good and perfect thing shall be his in Jesus’ name.

I admonish you to forsake sin and its attendant suffering, to be gracious and childlike, failing not to warn the brethren of the wiles of devilish minds seeking to bind the redeemed (who have been washed clean by the blood of the Lamb <10>) to former states—of sins long since forgiven, forsaken, and canceled out by the law of mercy and compassion.

Fully clothed with hope for the new day, I commend you to the ever-new consciousness of the Christ and the words of my beloved brother Jesus which follow.

I AM ever your humble brother,



Beloved Jesus Christ


“Our God Is a Consuming Fire”


To All Who Will Dissolve the Sins of Past Lives by the Violet Fire of Transmutation—

Concerning the parable of the rich man and Lazarus <11> which I gave as a lesson on karma, I would call to your attention that many have misread into it glaring and terrible doctrinal errors which have caused great fear and suffering to the faithful.  I am issuing

This instruction to amend the contrived concept of everlasting punishment which is so far removed from the blessing which I had intended my own to have in the underlying message of this parable.

Beloved ones, the dependency of mankind upon the elements, as well as their inability to control them, especially fire, has caused them to stand somewhat in awe and fear of Nature.  The idea of eternal condemnation has appealed to some of the more zealous evangelists, whose concern for the souls of my Father’s flock has led them to take a forceful and compelling stand (at times even violating free will) in order to save the flock from both ignorance and backsliding, and from entering a state which they perceive to be one of eternal torment.

I am certain that no loving father on earth would ever create for his children so dire a situation as one from which there would be no escape from perpetual pain.  Dear ones, the very fact that Life is so lovingly given to man speaks of the mercy of God in affording his children the opportunity to come to their rightful place of eternal happiness.

The fact that millions have lived many lifetimes in error, solely by the mercy of God, in order that they might have opportunity upon opportunity to be God-taught and return to the fold of absolute Truth, would also prove that the Father, who would leave the ninety and nine to find the one lost sheep, <12> would upon his return never forsake the rest of the flock.  Therefore know, blessed ones, that reembodiment is fact. It is the manifest mercy of God which eventually provides for each lifestream the certainty of escape from every record of sin and error.

It is not enough to tire of the husks; you must develop a taste for the reality of heaven!  You have lived long in human vanity and the vexation of your spirits. <13> Though you have sustained the sense of struggle, to God your life is a life of hope; for he has vested the entire creation, including you, with the energy and consciousness of his being.  I am confident, then, that patience will show you how to climb graciously, without backtracking.

Beloved ones, I now reveal to you a mystery.  God has been spoken of as a consuming fire and indeed he is.  The sacred fire is the being of God.  The flames of God are all flames of freedom; for God is Truth, and the power of Truth does make all free through the fiery baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, fear not, little ones, any manmade doctrine which purports that God desires aught but what is best for you!  He does not desire to see you suffer perpetually or “forever and ever” but longs to see you become perfect and complete in him.

The lake of fire, referred to in beloved John’s recording, into which “the fearful and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars” are cast, <14> is a place of transmutation and change where the perpetually self-burning, all-consuming sacred fire, itself embodying the qualities of the masterful Divinity, does set all Life free from the painful memory of both the sinner and the cause, effect, record, and memory of sin.  Sin is temporal and undignified.  God is eternal and full of grace.

Remember that my beloved apostle John declared in the Revelation he received on Patmos that the sea gave up its dead and that death and hell were then cast into the lake of fire—which burneth for ever and ever. <15>

First let me say that the sea which gave up the dead is the astral plane, the lowest vibrating octave of planet earth, referred to as Gehenna or Hades.  Those whose misuse of free will in the misqualification of divine energy has resulted in an unusually heavy karma take their lessons (at the conclusion of earthly life and prior to reembodiment) at this level of earth’s schoolroom.  Here, according to the merciful law of karma, they experience the effects of their wrongdoing, or “sin,” that they might repent from their evil ways in the next round of opportunity afforded by reincarnation.

Such was the plight of the rich man who cried out for mercy from the ‘Ascended Master’ Abraham, who from the higher level of vibration and consciousness known as the etheric plane (referred to as paradise—which indeed it is, as compared to all other octaves of earth) was instructing him in the Law in preparation for his soul’s next incarnation.

The “great gulf fixed” between these two octaves, forbidding any interchange between Lazarus and the rich man, is the sealing of the place where evil dwells, confining the disobedient to the causes they have set in motion in order that they may learn, by directly experiencing the effects of their actions, what suffering they have brought upon Life—this, mind you, never to punish but to instruct and to inculcate the desire to love and be loved.  Thus, their own karma becomes their teacher (for they would listen to no other) that they might relent and turn bane to blessing in their next life (physical embodiment).

The denial by Abraham of the rich man’s petition for mercy teaches that debts incurred in the physical octave must be balanced there.  Reincarnation, then, becomes his only hope for salvation—i.e., self-elevation to the higher planes of consciousness.  This he achieves through acceptance of the path of forgiveness, transmutation and love, worked out daily as he takes responsibility for past mistakes and misdeeds—born again to enjoy the blue sky and the stars at night and the verdant Mother Earth, happy to receive her prodigal son in new garments of opportunity.

Thus, those assigned to the astral plane may not graduate from this schoolroom until the required lesson is learned and the karma (debts incurred) balanced.  Even in their succeeding embodiments, they will bear the physical burden of the astral plane until they elect to avail themselves of the wondrous opportunity of casting their sins and sinful sense into the lake of violet fire.

Though God forgives sin, man must enter into the Spirit of forgiveness.  Forgiving himself and all whom he has wronged or who have wronged him, he must yet go and sin no more and perform good works of mercy until the Law is satisfied and those previously afflicted by his neglect or malice are healed.  This is the true joy of the ongoing process of re-creating oneself in the image of Christ.

This accountability of the Law, together with the violet fire, enables all who will, to escape the false doctrine of eternal torment—‘eternal’ only in the sense that the weight of karma seems endless until it is consumed by the sacred fire.  The lessons of Life, impartial to all, decree that the individual must consciously engage in this process if he is to receive the Lord’s promise of transmutation of karma:

“Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool....For I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.” <16>

These dispensations are given to the children of Light who were lost in the wages of sin and are found again because they have found themselves in Christ (the best mediator) and accepted the reality of their own I AM Presence.

What, then, is the second death “reserved for the devil and his angels” and those whose names are not found written in the Book of Life? <17> This, too, is the mercy of God to deliver the world from the consciousness of sin.

You will find, blessed hearts, written in the Epistle of Jude and the books of our Father Enoch as well as in my Revelation to John a record of certain angels “which kept not their first estate but left their own habitation.” <18>

For their ungodly deeds, these fallen angels were consigned to physical embodiment by the decree of my Father—thus to be convicted by their own words and deeds, once uttered as blasphemy in the higher octaves whence they were cast out, now continuing in their mockery of my Word in these latter days. <19>

Thus the mockers of my Church walk after their own ungodly lusts—these who separate themselves, “sensual,” from my Mystical Body, “having not the Spirit.” <20> Thus it is reserved unto the Last Judgment that these who have not and would not repent of their deeds cannot receive forgiveness—for they dash its cup, even when I myself offer it to them directly from my hand.  Likewise, they reject the living witness, desiring not communion with the saints but only revenge against me and my own.

Because they have desired not to be in God, taking my light from the innocent by subterfuge to consume it on their lusts <21> and only to prolong their evil ways, the great mercy of the Law fulfills the mandate of their nonbeing—their nonidentification in God—and the sacred fire cancels out the consciousness of sin, including the non-self of those who have completely identified with it.  This is the second death:  it is the canceling of further opportunity for repentance unto the wicked who desire no remission of sin and no reintegration with the Father through the Son or the Holy Ghost.

Their experiment in free will has failed.  They will not dwell forevermore in God’s kingdom, neither will they suffer forever and ever in the lake of fire.  Their end is swift and sweet, for they, too, have come to the end of their desire for struggle.  They have been committing spiritual suicide for aeons and if Life itself would not mercifully ‘pull the plug,’ they would, in the end of their evolutionary spiral, do it themselves.

Try to understand, precious hearts, that the Father has already provided for the resolution of the dilemma of the unremitting evil of the fallen angels.  Thus, when death and hell are cast into the lake of fire, it means that the end of the consciousness of death and hell is come—and all who embody that state by free will, all who occupy that lowest vibrational level of Hades, are judged according to the karmic record of their unrelenting works of infamy.

Once they are judged and the plane which they occupy is cast into the lake of fire, they and their karmic condition are entirely transmuted (canceled out) in the sacred fires.  Those “not found written in the Book of Life” are the ones who long ago lost (let go of) the divine spark through their abuse of the Light.  These became the nameless ones, nonentities without identity in God.  Their lost image (soul pattern)—lost because willingly forsaken by themselves—is likewise canceled out by the sacred fire of Alpha and Omega.

When this takes place, the worlds in all octaves will be seen as a “new heaven and a new earth” <22> and there will be no more astral plane (sea) or dwellers of that plane, for the choices of all lifestreams will have been made and the golden age will be the reality of universal Life for all who have chosen to make it their own.  About this, beloved, we will speak in another chapter of our ongoing work.  For now, simply accept that these conditions of death and sorrow and crying and pain shall themselves be dissolved in the divine fire of living Mercy!

For I am declaring to you today that in the perfection of God, the sea of human souls who are my own will give up its dead by surrendering its consciousness of death.  And these souls quickened will express that Life eternal which is to be found in the sacred fire by all who accept this gift of God’s transmutation in Love.  I am also declaring the great truth that the elements of death and hell that have tainted the minds of my little ones are themselves cast into the lake of fire and are forever transmuted, leaving only the pristine perfection of the Mind of God as the true and original soul pattern of the children of the Light.

Into the violet-fire lake of divine memory are cast all lesser human memories.  The children of God, then, who were gone astray, have repented and returned to the Father’s heart.  These come forth in the holy name of God, charged with the mercy which Life offers to all who seek until they find. <23>

Accept my enlightenment and study these lessons with care.  Thus you, too, shall be free from every delusion concerning sin, free also from the power of discord yet generated in your “feasts of charity” <24> by the fallen angels.  And as faithful children you shall apply yourselves more diligently to expressing those qualities which no being, ascended or unascended, can express for you or in your stead.

One by one, you shall assist the Ascended Masters to bring the evolutions of earth Home and to make possible that God-peace among the seed of Christ which I am confident shall eventually enfold my children in light, love, and living beauty.

May the Christ consciousness of the Eternal Mind dwelling within you—uniting with the Christ Light of every Ascended Master and cosmic being—express the fullness of God now and forevermore!

Lo, I AM the Resurrection and the Life of your complete acceptance of the great light of the Divine Majesty within—

Jesus the Christ


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According to the law of the conservation of energy, “energy can be neither created nor destroyed.” Universal energy goes through successive stages of transformation.  Technically speaking, the violet flame purifies, refines, and transmutes.  To purify is a part of the process of creation, to refine of preservation, and to transmute of deliverance (‘destruction’) through the disassociation and repolarization of matter.  All three functions change the electronic vibration of matter and consciousness.  Hence, the alchemical action of the violet flame is a function of the Trinity: Creator, Preserver, Destroyer in their respective roles as Purifier, Refiner, Transmuter.

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[Taken from the book version, Corona Class Lessons.]