Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 3  No. 38  -  Beloved God Himalaya  -  September 16, 1960


The Summit Lighthouse
Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as
Pearls of Wisdom


The God Himalaya—The Temple of the Blue Lotus

Turn from self, behold Nature—the splendid pulsations of flaming Life; the radiant beauty, the almost enigmatic diversity, surrounded always with magnificence and to the eyes giving a daily message of good cheer!  Read aright—O men—the message of Nature and it will make you gods!  It will give you a noble mind, a compassionate heart, and it will give you peace!  Your own worlds are not as they seem to be; the illusions of life have altered them; robes of peace have become garments of distress; the crown of victory, one of thorns.

The divine intent locked in the mystical circle of life has never been translated into the dimensions of the square—except in the lives of those victorious few whom you call the Ascended Masters.  (Squaring the Circle)

When the pulsating light of God—as a giant finger—probed the darkness and touched the earth below, it created in the heart of man a shining chalice, spun from heart flames of living light! Like glorious filaments—like the turned-up cups of the sacred lotus—its petals surround the chalice, yet rising from the center is the pulsating blue lotus flame of eternal goodwill, illumination and peace!  As an ambassador from on high it ever beckons from within; and men and women who respond to it—we call “true blue!”  Your beloved Saint Germain, when embodied as Francis Bacon, said—“Above all, to thy self be true.”

Pause now to consider to what self men ought to be true.  To the changing, varied, multi-colored kaleidoscopic patterns which like a quilt of many colors so questionably garbs those idle dreamers who are caught in the snares and delusions of their mere human self where eddying around them are pitfalls of misery, quagmires of sorrow, and those poignant disappointments found in an empty and meaningless life—or to the shining victory of their God Presence as it assumes its dominion over life, nature and mind, permeating all with God peace?

The best-laid plans of men must ultimately go astray unless and except they coincide with God’s will!  This is no dictatorship—this is not even compulsion—it is the law in action—otherwise, perfection would now manifest everywhere on earth!  The fact that it does not is proof enough for those who require it that God has given free will to men.  Only men of goodwill can return the gift to God by loving obedience and eternal determination!

From my heart—in the Temple of the Blue Lotus in the heart of the mountain ranges bearing my name—I, Himalaya, encompass the world now with the radiance of my blessing.  I bring men peace, in the name of the Prince of Peace!  In the name of eternal felicity I endow in God’s name “I AM” all men who love life and truth, with the blessing of the sacred blue lotus!  Tangible and real, living and eternal is this outpouring!  I trust, then, the brave and the diligent shall endeavor now to come as on swift currents of the air to my retreat, while their physical body sleeps—there to personally receive my blessing!  All the sons of heaven, all the children of earth, ought to ask me to seal them daily in the great enfolding peace—which we in our retreat hold so precious and which we so freely and lovingly offer to you today.

Will you accept our gift?  May God’s light, which pervades the universe, pervade thy consciousness, making it absolutely at-one-ment with thy own God Presence.  Then with holy men of old, you shall in verity declare, “The Lord is my shield,” as even the memory of fear itself is blotted out!  Thrice-illumined men and women—rise to the power of the three-times-three!  Rise to square the infinite circle by the mastery of your own life in all dimensions.

                        I AM forever,



                           (The God Himalaya—

                       Manu of the fourth root race)


This instruction comes to you through the loving courtesy of the Ascended Masters’ Darjeeling, India, Council of God’s will, of which all the ascended host are members.