Prayers and dynamic decrees as tools for spiritual and personal transformation

 What Is the Science of the Spoken Word?

The greatest revolutionaries—revolutionaries of the spirit—saw prayer, especially spoken prayer, as one of the chief instruments of change.

The Science of the Spoken Word as taught by the ascended masters is a method of accessing the power of God that combines prayers, mantras, affirmations, meditations and visualizations with what are called "dynamic decrees."

Like prayers, decrees are spoken petitions to God. But more than that, they are a command for the will of God to be manifest.

When you use decrees, you are in effect commanding the flow of energy from Spirit to matter. You are entering into a partnership and an interactive relationship with God.

When we meditate, we commune with God. When we pray, we communicate with God and request his help.

Jesus still the storm by the power of his word Peace Be StillWhen we decree, we are communing, communicating and commanding. We are commanding God’s light to enter our world for alchemical change. We are directing God to send his light and his angels into action for personal and world transformation.

Prayer, meditation and decrees are all ways of accessing the power of Spirit, and there is a time and place to practice each type of devotion. But, according to the teachings of the ascended masters, decrees are the most powerful form of invoking God's light.

Devotees of many different spiritual traditions have found that decrees enhance their own spiritual practice.

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